Why You Should Consider A Memorial Bench After Cremation

Posted on: 13 January 2015

Cremation services have become more common in recent years, with 42 percent of all deceased in the United States being cremated as of 2011. Although some families may choose to purchase a burial plot and erect a headstone as a memorial for cremated loved ones, others may choose to keep an urn and find another way to memorialize their family member. If you're looking for an option to memorialize your lost loved one after cremation, there are many options, including memorial benches. Here's a look at several of the reasons why you should consider investing in a memorial bench.

Benches are Customizable

One of the great things about memorial benches is that, like headstones, you're not limited to a single size, shape, style or footprint. Memorial benches come in many shapes, from traditional benches to half-moon styles, loveseat designs and more.

With so much variety, you can choose a bench style that represents your loved one's preferences, style or personality. In fact, you can even select from virtually any color. This gives you the opportunity to truly honor your loved one's memory by selecting his or her favorite color for the bench.

Benches Can Be Used as a Burial Marker

Bench memorials offer you the option to either bury your loved one's ashes beneath the bench foundation or in a large urn beside it. You may also be able to put flowers into large pots around the bench for added color and decoration.

Whether you opt to bury your loved one's ashes under the bench or you just want to use the bench as a marker, it will serve either purpose. You can include a plaque, sign or engraving in the bench base to serve as a burial marker. This will help you to recognize your loved one's memory and show how he or she touched your life.

Benches Serve as a Personal Way to Reminisce

One of the great things about bench memorials is how personal they can be. Not only can you engrave details about the deceased in the bench, the foundation and the supporting structure, but it serves as a great place to sit and remember. The bench provides a place to gather, so you and your family members can spend time together and honor your loved one's memory.

Memorial Benches Can be Placed Anywhere

One of the best things about memorial benches is that you can place them anywhere. If you want a special space, such as in a park, on a golf course or in another memorable area, it is a great option. In fact, if your loved one had a particular hobby or a favorite place, you may want to place your memorial bench in that area. By installing the memorial bench in a place that had special meaning to the deceased, you have an opportunity to make it a true dedication.

Making the choice to cremate your loved one's remains doesn't mean limiting your options for truly memorializing him or her. Even if you don't have a grave site to visit on a regular basis, you can not only remember your family member, but spend time out in the fresh air watching nature as you honor his or her memory.

As you can see, memorial benches offer a unique option to remember deceased loved ones. If you have a family member who has asked for cremation, talk with the funeral home about how you can package the ashes to put them into the memorial. With the right design and structure, you can not only enjoy his or her memory but also create a beautiful place for the general public to enjoy as well.